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Electronic Interfaces

Vel-Dig-Eng can design and build customized electronic systems that can provide the bridge between your computer system and other equipment. One example of this type of system is the integration of a Nortel phone system to a computer database. An SMDR device was obtained that connects to the Nortel system and produces RS232 serial information on every phone call in and out of the office.

Actuator Board with power relays
Actuator control board
A customized program was written to parse the RS232 information and convert the data into records that are stored in an SQL database.Additional software would analyze the database records and give a graphical representation of line usage (particularly when all available lines were busy). Another example is a ventilation control test system. Electronic hardware was designed to connect the inputs and outputs of a ventilation control device to a computer system.

The computer system then generates output signals to the control under test. By examining the outputs from the control under test, the computer produces a complete report indicating whether or not the ventilation control is operating correctly.

telephone device  selector click on image for a larger view


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