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Alarm Systems

At Vel-Dig-Eng, we have worked with a number of alarm systems and have even designed and built our own systems when necessary. What we have to offer over your traditional alarm system company is a complete understanding of electronic and computer systems. At one installation, we combined off-the-shelf components with a PC computer.

beam sensor  
  Monitor in the house showing camera views
The computer monitors the state of the alarm system. Whenever an alarm condition occurs (forced entry, water in the basement, over/under temperature), the computer composes the alarm messages into an e-mail and sends it off to any number of recipients. The alarm system dials the owner's cell phone number
The owner checks e-mail and quickly learns the nature of the problem. The alarm system also activates a camera system so that whenever the alarm system is active, the computer records video from 4 cameras mounted in various locations around the property.
For anyone with unique requirements in alarm systems, Vel-Dig-Eng can certainly design and implement a solution for you.
camera mounted on the house  

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